But the name would change only the time withdrawal. Surname address mobile income details. You might have forgotten your password your phone number has changed changed address some issues. Epf form name change the epf employee account number epf challan withdrawal forms ndlm nrega iay make sure you have the right application form. Epf name change dob correction fathers name correction process daily receive many queries how update correct epf uan name dob fathers name. I would like know whether have fill new application can submit the same form attached with new cancelled cheque. Industrial tribunal epf training institutes dashboards for office use. I have been trying get date birth changed account number. Please see the epfo circular regarding name change here. Hello sir epf account father name date birth both are wrongly entered tried filling that form time from tow years even tried how change employee name epf account doc download.. To change your name the epf account you have. Epf form name change in. The process correct epf details are submit the application through your employer. I want change employee name account. The same recorded epfo their records. Sorry your browser unsupported. Office correction form submit kiye but koi. Sign the filled form. There such option change the contact address. Pf name mismatch january 2014. So basically all about pension. Can change make correction the name. For doing this change you have submit application along with your employer. It stands for unified mobile application for newage governance. Reregistration epf members the department labour dol and the central bank sri lanka cbsl have launched joint project reregistr all epf members order create common database eliminating mismatches member information the cbsl the dol and the employers. How change employee name epf account. Pdf form this form declaration submitted employee while taking job company where active. It does not tally with name appearing bank account pass book. Change nameaddress employer. Was called name before marriage before marriage and name after marriage after marriage. Just submit joint application through your information the application form relating name no. Hi seniors need help regrading epf account name correction full name. The request forwarded employer you can approve reject the request. Benefits epf member nomination forms related. Fillable application form for coc for employees learn how get names epf account. Name change request letter sample epf. To change your credentials through offline mode you need some paperwork. How fill application form update date birth epf uan mentioned above the member cannot submit the form only himself the epfo both the employer and the employee have submit the form order change the wrong dob detail. Sub joint declaration the member and the employer. Jan 2014 name mismatch. There prescribed format available for the name change which has duly filled and submitted your employer. Name the members block letters. It explains how change correct epf details like namefather namedate birthdate joining along with the form. Form along with dob proof has already been submitted previous employer twice dated 27th march 2014 aug 2014. My name cherukuri naveen esi name correction problem. After employee submits the request.When you apply for transfer withdrawal you need mention the current address the form. For more please read. Correction letter epf member name record. Form reregistration members form rr6 correction the member name differences form rr2 emedia registration form emedia registration form forms for members. Pf name change form

In uan aadhar linking balance passbook uan login epfo latest news employer registration application form. Members who wish get their name changed members who wish get their name changed procedure for name changecorrection epf account. Both you should give application. Download all provident fundpfepfo forms here. It requires you give joint application from you and your employer correct your name the epf november 2010 apply office for change name there specific form for this plain paper write plea how many days change epf father name uan correct father name balaram nayak wrong name dinesh kumar have already given joint declaration form filed office above 1month the name change process. 3 epfo date birth change Only the specified documents listed above are allowed identity proof order make the change. Please change name in. Your name and date birth your epf account after the application epf name. Home tags name change form 23